Purple Roots of the Earth Juice

purple juice VH

This is the best beet juice recipe that I’ve tasted so far! Juicing beets as we all know can be a little strong but this medley tastes absolutely fantastic! The lemon and ginger masks all of the bitterness. The bonus with all of these richly colored raw foods is their extremely nutritious. Purple foods contain special antioxidants called anthocyanins known for their anti-aging benefits and for fighting inflammation. Adding more purple plant foods into your diet can provide you with special benefits such as:

  • cancer protection
  • better memory
  • better brain function
  • inhibit the spread of cancer cells
  • heal inflammation, the origin of disease
  • reduce damage on the liver
  • lower bad LDL cholesterol levels
  • help prevent urinary tract infections
  • help prevent stomach ulcers
  • lowers risk of colon cancer

Anthocyanins have also been linked to improved balance and coordination, attributes that are needed by athletes, growing infants starting to walk, and the elderly.

Its been scientifically proven fact that darker foods contain a higher antioxidant level. Antioxidants rust proof your body. They have the ability to mop up free radicals and keep you looking and feeling younger, longer.

This recipes makes about 2 cups worth of juice depending on the size of your produce.

by Lupita Ronquillo, holistic nutrition writer

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