Strawberry Ginger Walnut Fudge


Fully raw, vegan, gluten and sugar free fudge! I have to be honest, this was my first time making fudge in my entire life. Frankly, I never imagined it would come out as good as it did considering it was my first time.  After going through some vegan fudge recipes online trying to get an idea of what was needed, I found that most were loaded with oils, syrups, sugars, and cacao so I created my own version using carob. Cacao is very acidic and bitter which is why most recipes using it require adding in sweeteners. Carob is alkalizing and has an advantage of being naturally sweet so I was able to use just a cup of fruit to get the right amount of sweetness. If your interested in the differences between using carob and cacao, check out John Kohler’s video from and see why I prefer carob in my vegan diet.

Adding ginger gave this fudge recipe a nice spicy kick and the strawberries did a very nice job in balancing out the rich flavor of the carob. Best of all, it was super easy to make and very satisfying if your chocolate craver without even using real chocolate. But if you prefer, you can use raw cacao instead of carob for this recipe. For those who need to avoid foods with stimulating properties such as caffeine and theobromine, myself included, carob is perfect.



  • 3/4 cup walnut pieces
  • 1/2 cup chopped dates
  • 1/2 cup frozen strawberries, thawed
  • 1/3 cup raw carob powder
  • 1/3 cup unrefined coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1/2 tablespoon ginger powder
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Simple Instructions

  1. Blend all ingredients in a food processor or in a high speed blender using only 1/2 cup of the walnuts. This batter gets super thick so add in the strawberries first for easier time mixing.
  2. Blend until all the ingredients create a deep brown, thick and sticky mixture. You will need to stop a few times to push down the batter with a spatula to ensure all ingredients are incorporated.
  3. Empty out and pack the batter firmly into a small loaf pan to a maximum height of about 1 inch.
  4. Next, take the remaining walnut pieces and gently push them into the fudge. This helps the walnuts set with the fudge so they don’t fall off.
  5. Cover and freeze the fudge for about 2 hours. When ready, slice the fudge into 1 inch pieces. To serve, top with warmed strawberries and Enjoy!

This recipe makes about 10-12 1 inch pieces, enough for the whole week! Fudge is a rich dessert so a few bites goes a long way. Eat it conservatively. You can cut them into the size you prefer but for me, one inch pieces are enough. Store the fudge in the freezer to keep it fresh longer. You don’t have to thaw it before eating because it doesn’t fully freeze and is pretty much ready to eat anytime.

For more information on what carob is and its superior benefits to our health, watch SuperfoodEvolution’s educational video here, or for more facts by John Kohler on why raw cacao should NOT be promoted as a superfood, click here.


by Lupita Ronquillo, holistic nutrition writer


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