About Me



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I’m a Christian who loves reading, writing, eating healthy, and staying fit. Besides practicing yoga, I love my runs, taking walks, and rebounding to my favorite music. I also enjoy getting carried away with Zumba. I once almost crazily quit my job and moved to England but ended up meeting the man I married through a Christian singles website. Now, I’m a busy happy first time mom. Being a mother, especially in today’s times is tough but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!


I’m currently enrolled in a masters program in the field of holistic nutrition. I’m also taking a self-study yoga course at Aura Wellness. I’ve used yoga in my fitness regime for over 20 years but studying it has made it more challenging for me. When I’m not studying, I write. My biggest project is a Hispanic Jane Austen fan fiction (hopefully the first ever!). So incandescently yes, I’m an Austen geek too!


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Yoga changed my life at 26. Having dealt with anxiety for most of my teen age youth since my parents divorce, yoga helped me to regain inner calm and happiness. On a small note, a vegan diet helped thicken up my hair. It also helped me to conceive, at age 41. For someone diagnosed with endometriosis, this was huge. Yoga breathing techniques helped make my geriatric birth quick and easy (10 minutes!) with no complications and best of all, NO epidural! So yes, I firmly believe in the power of plants and a yoga practice.


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I’ve always been interested in natural health and decided to formally study it after becoming a mom, especially where everything seems to be linked to the food industry and to the promotion of meat and dairy. With so much information on the benefits of raw food vs cooked in bookstores and online, I wanted the facts. This is why I’m glad I found the University of Natural Health, a non-traditional natural health college that bases nutrition on our natural diet of raw fruits and vegetables. Its a nutrition program with everything I was hoping to study and more!

Thanks for the interest!

Lupita Ronquillo