About Me

I’m a christian who loves reading, buying books, writing, eating healthy, and staying fit. I love to go for runs and then downwind with yoga. I like walking at the park, or if I’m stuck inside from weather, rebounding to music. What keeps me busy is schooling my son, working part time, writing a novel, and studying fitness and nutrition. I’ve used yoga in my fitness regime for over 20 years and have studied it for personal improvement but lately, have been extremely interested in fitness academically. Recently, I completed a Fitness Instructor/Personal Training program (woot! no excuses now right?!) and currently, taking a Running Injury Prevention Specialist course with AFPA.

In a country where kids seem to be getting sicker instead of healthier, where getting older is getting scarier due to the epidemic of disease, and where everything is linked to the food industry for the promotion of meat and dairy, I made the effort to study natural health and nutrition. In 2018, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition at the University of Natural Health and am continuing in the Masters program. UNH bases human nutrition truthfully and scientifically on our natural diet of raw fruits and vegetables. It’s a nutrition program with everything I hoped to study and more!

Thanks for the interest!