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I started this blog to share with others that its so EASY being vegan and contrary to what most believe, you CAN get enough nutrients on a plant based diet. In fact, its very likely you’ll get more than what your getting now. The bonus is you’ll be CLEANSING your body at the same time. So what are you waiting for?? Most people make so many excuses and try to justify the “food” they eat. The truth is, most people know changing their diet could help them but think it isn’t easy. Let me just tell you, its not hard!

Holistic Nutrition Today raw-food-basketwe are literally bombarded with so much confusing and contradictory “nutritionist advice” through television, the internet, nutritionist books, and even our own government! There are countless experts advising us on how and what we should eat yet none of them are on the same page! Some health experts are even being paid to wrongfully tell us junk food is ok!


For most of my 30’s, I thought veganism was an extreme way of eating and that vegetarian was healthier but a whole foods plant based, raw focused diet is the healthiest way to live. Today we have so much more studies proving this then ever before. Evidence shows our health is directly linked to the way we eat and drink and that ditching meat, dairy, processed food vs real foodand eggs can be the SOLUTION for anyone. If you want to prevent, treat, and reverse health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity, plant based food is the way. Some of the biggest epidemics in this country such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, are directly linked to the food choices we make on a daily basis. Food has changed in the last 50 years and its pretty obvious that it isn’t natural anymore. Most grocery store today are mostly isles of packaged and processed food offering “flavor like” options in the name of convenience. People want the “apple” flavor but not the apple itself. These convenience foods have become the staple in the American diet but the “road block” to eradicating preventable health problems. Isn’t it time we take control and claim back our health?!

The Plant Based Movement

Trends on Google show more people worldwide are now searching for information related to a plant based life style. This growing “trend” indicates people are starting to wake up and realizing the importance of getting more plants in their diet. It has created a shift in what people are buying too. Ten years ago, rice and soy milk were the only kinds of vegan milk you could find, but now we can choose from coconut, almond, quinoa, cashew, hemp, and oat! People are buying a lot less meat and poultry too.

Doctors and Nutrition

One of the biggest and important missing changes is in the health care quote neal barnard m.d.system. Have you noticed how many ads we’re hit with selling pills?  Drug ads are everywhere! Truth is, we don’t need more pills, we need more plants! Of all the doctors I’ve seen in my entire life, not one has ever asked about my diet and lifestyle!  Doctors are not required to learn enough about nutrition, a very ignorant approach to health to say the least. Instead of understanding how real and natural food can assist the body in healing, they ignore the truth and call it out as “quakery” just to fill their pockets from prescribing harmful drugs. But in the midst of this growing plant based movement,  things are slowly starting to change at where it counts:

  • The ENRICH Act was introduced (Expanding Nutrition’s Role in Curricula and Healthcare) to grant funding for medical schools to finally teach doctors about nutrition. More than 94% of doctors confirmed they would like to use nutrition but admit not knowing how.
  • The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine presented new plant based guidelines to be included in the 2015 Dietary Guidelines, which are the diet recommendations for Americans, federal food and nutrition policies, and education initiatives. But since they are only updated every 5 years, (3 would be better!) we shouldn’t wait nor fully rely upon what these guidelines will advise because they will likely always include meat and dairy. Unfortunately, big business such as the meat and dairy industry will continue to influence government policy and our food choices.

So as you can see, change is only “trickling” to educate doctors and the public but we need to act NOW. We simply can’t afford to wait for our government and mainstream doctors to tell us what we should eat or not eat because odds are, it will never happen.

Studying holistic nutrition has made me strongly aware of the dangers of eating unnatural “food” such as meat, cheese, dairy, and eggs. Considering how animals are raised, farmed, drugged, and treated under so called modern “advancements,” its no wonder why we have an epidemic of disease in this country. If meat eaters would open their eyes and see the torture and ugliness of what their eating, they would likely stop.

Humans are frugivores

The closer we move our food choices over to the right and eliminate what’s on the left, the more natural and healthier our diet becomes!

Meat is not only unhealthy, its extremely unnatural to eat it, raw or cooked! Tons of research has proven a plant based diet is much healthier, but with an internet saturated with junk science, lies, confusion, finding the truth about our natural diet can seem impossible. The good news is transitioning from the SAD (standard American diet) or a traditional vegetarian diet isn’t hard at all.

Lupita Ronquillo, CHN, CNHP
B. Sc. Holistic Nutrition

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