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Grapes and Ginger Wheatgrass Shots

Trying to find a way to drink down more wheatgrass juice? If your like most people, myself included, you’ll never get used to drinking any  amount of pure wheatgrass! Well, the good news is you don’t have to drink it alone to reap all of its benefits! I’ve been experimenting with different combinations to try and “mask” that extreme bitterness wheatgrass is notoriously known for. But before you go and shrug off any chance of drinking some, I’ve created and am sharing this spicy, sweet, and tangy way to actually enjoy it for anyone willing to try. Who says you can’t enjoy a nice strong “shot” to warm and strengthen you up? So get juicing and bottoms up to great health!

Make sure to use black or purple grapes for this recipe since their sweeter than most others and have a distinct flavor that helps to offset the strength of wheatgrass. The lemon here does an excellent job in tricking our taste buds from the chlorophyll overload. The ginger adds a nice warming and spicy kick and works along with wheatgrass in providing great anti-cancer benefits. Make sure to juice the wheatgrass first so you know how much total will be going into your juice. I recommend starting out with 1/2 an ounce and then build up to a full ounce. Feel free to use up to 2 cups grapes to customize the strength and flavor to your preference.

To get an idea of what drinking wheatgrass juice can do for your health, visit Hippocrates Health Institute, and read The 18 Wonders of Wheatgrass!

by Lupita Ronquillo, holistic nutrition writer