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Mango Lime Vegan Ice Cream!

coconut mango lime ice cream1

Can there be such a thing as ice cream that’s actually good for you? Absolutely! This raw vegan homemade recipe is 100% dairy free and has only 4 ingredients. It has all the texture and flavor of real ice cream and tastes so light and creamy you will never know the difference! Recipes like this definitely make cheating on a healthy diet a thing of the past and best of all its kid tested and mother approved, a healthy treat for kids any day!!
2 large ripe mangoes, cut in squaresMango Icecream
2 large bananas, cut in chunks
1- 6 ounce cup of plain coconut yogurt (SO Delicious brand is great!)
Juice from 1 lime

~Freeze mango and bananas in a sealed container for 5 hours or overnight.
~Separate the frozen chunks (very easily done).

~Next, add lime juice into the blender first to assist with moving the ingredients more smoothly. 

~Add by layering the frozen fruit and coconut yogurt into the blender as you would a parfait. This also helps the blending process. Blend for about 2 minutes or until all the chunks are smooth. Depending on the power of your blender, you may need to stop and push down ingredients with a spoon to keep things moving.

~Serve as desired and add a dash of chili powder for a slightly spicy kick! This recipe will refreeze nicely and keeps its nice “ice cream” texture.

Makes about 3-4 delicious servings!  🙂
coconut mango lime ice cream 22VH